There are times in our lives where we simply cannot keep our animals with us for several days at a time. This could be during a relocation, vacation or even during a medical recovery. You can be sure that if any of these types of situations arise, Country Place Veterinary Clinic has limited boarding facilities for your pet. Our kennel area is air-conditioned and heated and can accommodate most pets under 90 pounds. Sorry no runs available for those extra-large family members. We even are able to separate cats and dogs from each other in order to keep your pet comfortable. Your pet will receive outside exercise time and twice-daily feedings. In cases of medical issues that arise, our kennels are veterinarian supervised, meaning that a veterinarian is available for examination. Pets must be up to date on vaccines and parasite-free. If you would like your pet to stay at our facility, please call Country Place and set up a stay for your animal companion.