Intensive Care Unit

The intensive care unit at Country Place Veterinary Clinic provides care during regular office hours for patients in St. Martinville and the surrounding areas who are in life-threatening condition, and who need monitoring and support from equipment and medication to keep normal body functions going. Many patients needing intensive care are suffering from a sudden illness, serious medical condition, or trauma, but some require it following a major surgery when they are too unstable for care elsewhere.

In the intensive care unit of our clinic, we will work to stabilize your pet’s condition; your pet will receive monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, and oxygen levels. We are equipped to supply intravenous medication, fluids, and oxygen when necessary. Our experienced staff will also continually monitor pain levels, and administer medication as needed.

We are able to provide critical care for patients during our regular office hours. However, if a patient requires continuous monitoring overnight, he or she will have to be transferred to an emergency animal clinic. We are not able to provide continuous 24 hour care at this time.